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Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

technical parameter

1, Measurement accuracy: ± 5%; 

2, Measurement range: 50mL/min~2000mL/min 

3, Pressure range:<1.00MPa; 

4, Power consumption:<5mA; 

5, Voltage input: 3.6V-10.0V;

6, Temperature range: 1 ℃ ~50℃; 

7, Output mode: UART; 

8, Output parameters: temperature, instantaneous flow and total flow。

Product features

1, This product is a new type of patented technology products;
2, Based on our core algorithm, in the middle of the application to remove the temperature measurement circuit, simplifying the circuit;
3, Using digital output technology to solve the traditional flow sensor output accuracy is not high, the system provides a precision;
4, Using pure digital measurement technology to replace the traditional rotor type or photoelectric flow sensor, improve the measurement accuracy.