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Ultrasonic water meter PCB

technical parameter

1, Flow turndown (Q3/Q1):160:1 250:1 400:1 .

2, Measuring accuracy: ±2% (high flow zone);±4%(low flow zone ).

3, Temperature range (counter): 0℃~50℃ .

4, Initial flow rate: 1.0L/h~1.5L/h .

5, Power consumption: the measurement period: 1Hz ATC average current is about 12 µA; power saving mode measurement cycle: 4Hz average current is about 27 µA; rapid measurement cycle: 8Hz average current is about 40 µA.

Product features

1、The initial flow is small, the flow turndown is wide.
2、No mechanical parts, no wear, long service life.
3、 The temperature is derived from the inverse algorithm, reducing the temperature sensor, the structure design is more compact.
4、 Store the last 36 months of historical data; with a power-down monitoring circuit, power can be stored immediately when the current data to prevent data loss.
5、 Support for IR, M-BUS output interface, remote meter reading can be achieved, user-centralized control and management.
6、Add the voltage monitoring function, 3.3V voltage detection circuit, alarm when the battery voltage dropped to 3.3V.
7、 Working years should be greater than 8years.
eg: a 18505(3600mAH) battery, 80% quantity of electric charge calculation:
work life = 2880/0.040=72000 hours, about 8.2 year!