About Us

Shenzhen Odithc Electronics Co., Ltd. who focuses on high precision flow measurement, especially the ultrasonic flow metering technology offers services including flow metering components, whole meter circuits and system solutions to fulfill design requirements such as ultra-low power, ultra-high dynamic range, long-term stability, ultra-low repeatability error and so on based on our deep technical know-how of flow simulation, spool design, transducer analysis & matching, patented temperature calculation, compensation algorithms over full temperature and flow ranges.

Now we can offer products and services covering ultra-small, system-on-package flow sensor, ultrasonic heat and water meters, ultrasonic flow meter with spool diameter up to 400 mm and etc. We support ultrasonic solutions based on single or multi channels of sound, insert or external coupling type, characterization and 2-points calibration during MP…

Our partners including world famous manufactures of white goods and industrial leading brands of instruments, we’re well experienced to support you from metering components to whole instrument systems for MP. Looking forward to driving the diversification of flow metering industry in cooperation with you, during the coming era with everything in connection, but higher labor cost and less energy resources.